Commonwealth of Dominica Economic Citizenship FAQ

What is economic citizenship?

This is a programme where a foreign investor pays a prescribed fee for citizenship of that country. Under the amended laws, residency in Dominica can be waived in exchanged for a prescribed (investment) fee. This entire process includes a strict application process, due diligence and an interview by applicant.

What is the minimum investment needed for Dominica Citizenship?

There are three main investment options for Dominica Economic Citizenship — the Single Applicant, the Family Application 1 (applicant and spouse) and Family Application 2 (applicant, spouse and two children - 18). The costs are as follows: Single Option is USD 126,000 all fees included, Family option 1 is USD 219,000 all fees included and Family option 2 is USD 254,000 all fees included. This should cover the investment fees, our agents fees and due diligence fees.  Additional investment fees and processing fees are added for more than two children/dependents.  As the due diligence fee varies and depends on many factors, so we can only provide an estimate.

How do I apply for the Dominica Economic Citizenship Programme?

The process is complex but you can review the Application process and Application requirements anytime on our site.

Do I have to live in Dominica if I am granted Dominica Citizenship?

No you are not required to reside in Dominica.

Who can apply for Dominica Citizenship under the program?

Investors must be over 21 and anyone regardless of sex, current residence or nationality can apply

Are the Citizenship fees negotiable?

Government and CCP Inc fees and terms of payment are not negotiable. We only accept monetary payments.

What is a family according to the program rules?

A family is the main applicant and up to 3 (three) or 5 (five) dependents. You can apply for additional dependent at an extra cost.

Can I include my mother, father brothers or sisters in the application?

Yes, you can include parents over the age of 55 years old as additional dependents on the application. No you may not include siblings under a family application.

Does the Dominica Citizenship program recognize unisex marriages?

Unfortunately, unisex marriage is not recognized in Dominica.

Can I renounce my previous citizenship after I get Dominica citizenship?

Yes, you can. However, dual citizenship is permitted in Dominica so there is no need to consider renunciation.

Are there any English language requirements for Dominica citizenship?

In Dominica national language is English. You are expected to communicate in English. In cases, where interview is requested by the government all main applicants will be interviewed by a committee appointed by the Prime Minister. The interview is in English. Interpreters may be provided if English is not good enough. We will prepare you for this interview, providing you with necessary information and facts essential to the interview. After our preparation exercise, you will be fully prepared for the interview.

What is due-diligence and how much does it cost?

Due Diligence is a process of checking the information you provided in your Citizenship application form, including the Interpol check. We do not do it ourselves and subcontract independent detective agent. It is normally quicker and cheaper to perform due-diligence on people who lived in one place for 10 years or Americans who lived in the same state all their lives.The cost for main applicant and spouse is USD 7,500 each; the cost for dependents over 16+ years old is USD 4,000. Total cost depends upon: the number of people in the family, age of applicants, the country of present citizenship and current residence, and how often you changed your residence. We have no influence over such costs and you have to pay the cost directly to the Government.

What is the validity period of a Dominica passport?

In Dominica the validity period of a child’s passport is five years; the passport for an adult is ten years. It is possible to issue passport to a child from the date of birth. A child’s passport could be signed by the child itself (depending on the age), or by one of the parents or by a legal guardian of the child. Child’s passport is a passport issued to a citizen under the age of 16.

If my passport or certificate of naturalization (registration) is lost or stolen, what should I do to get a replacement for these documents?

First, you must report the document stolen in the country where it was stolen, ensuring that you get a register of your claim (statement). Then, you must submit a letter explaining the reason for replacement and a formal request for replacement of passport including a notarized photocopy of the police issued statement/claim. These documents must be in English. This is then forwarded to the immigration department or Legal affairs with fees and passport pictures as specified. CCP offers passport replacement services as well.

What information is in the Dominica passport?

Dominica passports for adults and children contain the following information: name, middle name, surname, date of birth, place of birth, occupation, height, distinguishing marks (if applicable).

Can the interview be waived?

At present interviews are canceled as mandatory part of the application process. If interview is requested it cannot be waived, however at the total expense of the client, the interview can be held in London or New York.

What happens during the interview for Dominica citizenship?

The interview usually runs for an hour. You will be asked questions about yourself (all the details on your application form will be confirmed); the basic knowledge of the country’s history will be tested. General questions include reasons for requiring second citizenship, knowledge of Dominica, business and other experiences. We will prepare you for the interview, so you have nothing to worry about.

Can I and members of my family, lose the citizenship?

The citizenship can only be revoked if you provided false and misleading information about yourself and your family under the application for citizenship.

Is it possible to change my name while applying for the citizenship?

You may only change your name after one year of receiving Citizenship. Name changes are made through the Deed Poll procedure. After which you can apply for the passport under your new name. Your previous name is not noted in your new passport.

My husband and I live together in civil marriage and we do not have a marriage certificate. Can we apply for the citizenship as a family?

No, you cannot apply for Dominica citizenship as a family, unless you are legally married.

I have children from a previous marriage; can I apply for citizenship for them with my present family?

Yes, you can do it. Dominica recognizes the equal rights of all children. In such cases you have to produce additional documents with your citizenship application. One such document is an application letter from the biological parent explaining that he/she has no objections against the participation of the child in the citizenship program. This letter should be written in English, or translated into English and certified (notarized).

Will my Dominica citizenship be revoked if the Economic Citizenship Program is stopped?

No. You are bestowed 100% legitimate citizenship, backed by Constitution and necessary legislation of the country. According to this legislation, you are also exempt from the term of obligatory residence in the country (which is 5 years) in exchange for non-refundable investment into the economy of the country.

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