Dominica Citizenship Program Application Process

As endorsed agents handling Dominica Economic Citizenship for over 20 years we are thoroughly familiar with the process to guarantee your application is processed in the most efficient, speediest manner. Though, this is not a process that can be rushed, but we will make certain that you have everything in order to ensure your application is not redirected due to incomplete requirement.

We work closely with the Ministry of Finance — Financial Services Unit FSU (who processes the application) and the Ministry of Emigration and Labor (who prepare the Certificate of Naturalization and issues the Dominica passports).

Once we have received confirmation of payments for investment fees and our fees; we will begin the Citizenship process.

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program - Step-by-Step Application Process

Documents should not predate the submission of the application by more than 3 months.

  1. Pay agent fees
    1. USD 15,000 Single application
    2. USD 20,000 Couple application
    3. USD 25,000 Family application
  2. Download and complete the Disclosure form and other prescribed forms that we will send to you electronically.
    • A legal guardian or parent must sign for all applicants – 18
    • All form 12 must be notarized.
  3. Assemble required documents and send to us as scan via email, upon approval by FedEx.
    • Completed disclosure forms (D1 form) for all applicants 16+
    • Completed Fingerprint and photo verification form (D2 form)
    • One (1) original Professional reference for investor
      1. Should be from someone acquainted with your work for at least 3 years
      2. Should be printed on a letterhead paper
    • One (1) original bankers recommendation for investor (on case-by-case basis)
      1. This is not a bank statement. This recommendation should contain full contact information for the bank and must be signed by senior bank official.
      2. Should be for a bank account opened for 2 years and longer.
    • Twelve (12) months bank statement for investor.
      • Should be an original statement with Banks stamp and must be signed by senior bank official.
    • Letter of Employment for investor. If you are self employed, an company documents and incorporation certificate.
    • Marriage certificates or divorce certificates where applicable.
    • A letter of application that states the reason for applying for Dominica Citizenship
      1. This letter should be addressed to the Honorable Prime Minister
    • Original Police clearance certificates (or a similar documents) and a set of fingerprints for all persons 16+.
      1. This document should be provided by a law enforcement agency confirming the absence of any criminal record.
      2. A police record is required from country of birth, citizenship and residence (wherever you have resided for more than 6 months).
    • Eight (8) certified passport size photos.
      1. On the reverse side of each photo a notary pubic should endorse with the following statement: “I certify this is a true likeness of __________________”
    • Notarized copies of Birth Certificates of all applicants
    • Notarized passport copies for all applicants
    • Notarized national ID copies for all applicants
    • Notarized copy of driver's license (if applicable) for all applicants
    • Notarized copies of university /College Diplomas
    • Original utility bill for investor
    • Complete medical report on all applicants (D3 form) and original medical tests for urine, blood (including HIV). Persons between 0-5 years do not have to take HIV tests
    • Completed Investment agreement form for investors (D4 form)
    • Resume (CV) or business background on all working adults.
      1. Occupation must be clearly stated
      2. Should match information provided in Disclosure form (D1 Form)
  4. Pay due diligence fees and government application fees
    • Due Diligence Fees — we will send you the proforma invoice from the due diligence agency, which you will then pay directly. We will provide details for payment. The due diligence report is sent directly to FSU and does not come to us.
    • Government fees, which include processing fee, application fee, naturalization fee and stamp fees
      1. USD 1,000 Application and processing fee
      2. USD 250 Naturalization and stamp fees
  5. Pay investment fees — as soon as your application is approved the FSU will send us a "comfort letter" issued by Minister of Finance. You then pay the investment fee based on the option chosen directly to an escrow account. We will provide you with bank details.
  6. Interviews Taking of Oaths and Naturalization, Interviews are canceled as mandatory part of the application process from January 2015, however government reserve right to request an interview on case-by-case basis. In this case you will be interviewed by a government appointed committee in Dominica, though you can choose to pay the cost for 3 members of the committee to travel to an acceptable location. When you arrive in Dominica, we will meet with you and prepare you for this meeting, thereby increasing your chances of success. We have been through the process many times and have the information to prep you properly. The interview will cover the following segments:
    • Personal information and eligibility for Dominica citizenship
    • Social, economic and political life in Dominica
    • Allegiance to Dominica
    • Reasons for desiring Dominica citizenship

Once the committee had indicated a successful interview, you take the oaths of Allegiance before a notary public. The Certificate of Naturalization and Dominica passports will be prepared and sent to you by courier.

Processing Dominica Citizenship-by-Investment Application

In our experience, processing of applications for Dominica Economic Citizenship by Investment takes approximately 2-3 months.

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