Dominica Citizenship-by-Investment Program

Single Applicant (married or not), all fees included USD 124,000
Family Application One - an Applicant and spouse, all fees included USD 208,000
Family Application Two – an applicant, spouse and two (2) children, all fees included USD 246,000 is a website designated to promoting Dominica Citizenship and we manage applications for the “Dominica Economic Citizenship Programme”. This secure website is wholly owned by CCP Inc., a government approved economic citizenship agent company located in Dominica.

The Dominica Economic Citizenship program is an ongoing program whereby Dominica citizenship is granted to individuals (and families) in exchange for an investment contribution. The Dominica economic citizenship by investment program is not a passport scam like some other advertised sites. This is a legitimate citizenship program enacted by law in 1993. It is a well regulated and a very credible plan. As such, applications for the Commonwealth of Dominica citizenship by investment program and a Dominica passport can only be conducted by government approved agents, like us.

Why are we different? We have been providing Dominica citizenship services for the past 20 years and are able to provide experienced, efficient, professional, and affordable economic citizenship services. Our staff is made up of lawyers who specialize in Dominica economic citizenship. We manage this process from start to finish on behalf of our clients who trust our expertise and as a result obtain specialized treatment of their business, ultimately resulting in a successful application. As we have been refining our services over the years, while accumulating knowledge of this field on an international scale, we can boast a virtually perfect rate of approval of the applications under our administration.

Dominica Citizenship Program Info

There are four main traditions that Dominica uses to grant citizenship and recognize its citizens.

  1. By the right of the soil — you are automatically granted Dominica citizenship when you are born in Dominica.
  2. By the right of blood — grants citizenship based on ancestry such that if any one or both of your parents are born in Dominica you will be granted Dominica citizenship.
  3. By registration — if you have been residing in Dominica for seven years or more; if you have married a Dominican citizen and lived here for 5 years, you may apply for Dominica citizenship through registration.
  4. By naturalization — this word applies to the process of getting Dominica citizenship in ways other than 1, 2 and 3 available through the Dominica economic citizenship program.

Citizenship by Investment Program - Dominica Passport Uses

  • HASSLE FREE TRAVEL — As an island nation that is politically and economically stable; notably uncontroversial and not engaged in any warfare, Dominica citizens can travel hassle free; and are not persecuted based on nationality.
  • VISA FREE TRAVEL — Dominica passports can travel visa free to over 100 countries worldwide, and where visas are needed, they are easy to obtain.
  • WEALTH MANAGEMENT AND TAX PLANNING — Second citizenship is a legal way to reduce taxes; revenue generated outside of Dominica is tax free, it is not subject to capital gains tax, or inheritance tax or any other tax.
  • SECURITY — with Dominica dual citizenship you have the ability to flee political and economic unrest without requiring permission.

Dominica Citizenship Advantages and Benefits

  • In Dominica, dual citizenship is permitted; there is no need to denounce other citizenship
  • No residency terms are required
  • Naturalized Dominica citizens have full rights as any other citizens
  • The second citizenship program is very affordable
  • The application process is strictly confidential, with no disclosure or exchange of information
  • Dominica citizenship is bestowed for life

Commonwealth of Dominica Passport Benefits

The Dominica passport is a legal travel document that identifies the bearer as a citizen of Dominica. The passport shows the person is valid to travel. Dominica passports are issued only by the Ministry of Immigration, and cannot be purchased from online sources. Once you have acquired Dominica citizenship, our lawyers will process the application for passport/s, and we will provide renewal services when needed.

Direct benefits of getting a Dominica passport with economic citizenship:

  • Passport application fees are included in agents’ fee
  • Dominica passports are valid for 10 years/5 years for children 16 or younger
  • Dominica Passports applications are confidential. No disclosure or notification by Dominica authorities to any other country

Dominica Economic Citizenship Cash Investment Options (Government Fund)

There are several investment options for Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program:

 Economic Citizenship Investment Options
Single Applicant (single or married) USD 100,000*
Family Application One - an Applicant and spouse USD 175,000*
Family Application Two – an applicant, spouse and two (2) children USD 200,000*

Dominica Economic Citizenship Real Estate Option

There are several investment options for Real Estate option:

  • Purchase of a share
  • Purchase of a unit

The minimum amount that a real estate project must be valued at in order for applicants to be eligible to apply under this option is USD 200,000 and Government Economic contribution fees for Real Estate applicants, as well other Program Fees and costs.

Applicant Grouping Economic Government Contribution
1. Main Applicant USD 25,000 (non-refundable)

Family of 4 including main applicant

USD 35,000 (non-refundable)

Family of 6 including main applicant

USD 50,000 (non-refundable)
4. Family of 7+ including main applicant USD 70,000 (non-refundable)
1. Each qualified dependant of main applicant below 18 years old USD 20,000 (non-refundable)
2. Each qualified dependant of main applicant above 18 years old (not spouse) USD 25,000 (non-refundable)

Dominica Economic Citizenship Program Fees and Costs

In addition to the investment fee weather its Government Diversification Fund or Real Estate, there are other applicable fees, which are paid directly to the Government and are not included in the professional and legal fees paid to us. Here is a breakdown of such fees:

  • Government Application fee — USD 1,000 per investor (non-refundable) This fee will cover all legal, professional and other processing fees
  • Due Diligence Fee — USD 7,500 for main applicant; USD 4,000 for spouse; USD 4,000 for each dependent 16 years and older (non-refundable)
  • Naturalization and stamp fees — USD250 per applicant

Our Agent fees** — USD 15,000 (Single applicants) — USD 20, 000 (Couple application) — USD 25, 000 (Family application) for which we provide full support and services, and it covers all the other expenses incurred including certification of documents by a local lawyer, reference from the lawyer for naturalization, passport application fee, passport messenger service and courier fees.

For Real Estate option only depending on the Real Estate project chosen, applicant is subject to Administrative and Legal costs. This cost vary between USD4,500 to USD10,000 and represents fees for Title Registration or Share Transfer services.

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Requirements

We strive to maintain the integrity of the Dominica citizenship program; the application process has specific and detailed requirements. Our role in the application process is to provide you with professional administrative and support services. We will lead you through the process of gathering the necessary documents and completing necessary paper work for the economic citizenship application.

All applicants are subject to a complete due diligence investigation, which is done by an independent agency that is contracted by the government. You will be responsible for paying the due diligence fees and the government fees.

Dominica Citizenship Program Background

The main reason for implementing the Dominica Economic Citizenship program was economic — it was seen as a part of the country’s development plan through which revenue generated from the citizenship program would be channeled into stagnant or struggling programs and local projects. Such as (1) building of schools, (2) renovation of the hospitals, (3) towards the promotion of the offshore sector. In the private sector, funds generate from the economic citizenship program would be directed to the tourism, agricultural or IT sectors.

It is one of the success stories of economic citizenship, outlasting several other programs and maintaining a solid reputation for integrity and credibility.

The investment fee is refunded if the application is withdrawn or rejected. If the application is rejected based on false declarations or fraudulent information the investment is forfeited to the Commonwealth of Dominica and shall not be refunded
The agent fee is non-refundable

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