Dominica Economic Citizenship - Requirements

Below you will find details on the Dominica Economic Citizenship Programme requirements. The whole second citizenship process might seem a bit overwhelming, but that’s what we are here for. Our team of lawyers has years of experience in Dominica economic citizenship matters. Once you have decided to apply for Dominica Citizenship, you need only download the Data Form and submit it to us by fax or email. From there, we will assist you with the entire process after which you can take advantage of the Dominica passport and Dominica Citizenship benefits.

In the meantime, here are the eligibility requirements for Dominica Citizenship, then move on to the Application Process for Economic Citizenship to get an idea of what’s involved or start the application process with the Data Forms.

The Dominica Citizenship general requirements for an investor-applicant:

  • The investor-applicant must be aged 21+ years
  • All members under the application aged 16+ must undergo due diligence investigation.
  • Following due diligence investigation the reports must reveal personalities of excellent character
  • Applicants for Dominica citizenship must have knowledge of basic English language

Documentation/requirements for main applicant and dependents:

  • Application for Dominica Citizenship must be on the prescribed forms (we will provide them)
  • Application forms must be signed by applicant and by parent or guardian of children — 18 years
  • Supporting documents must be certified
  • Supporting documents must be written in English or accompanied by certified translations
  • Application forms must submitted in duplicate
  • Letters of recommendation for children 12-18 years old or letter from University for children between 18-28 years old
  • Police clearance certificates from country of birth and residence for all 16+
  • Certified passport photo for each, notarized on reverse sign
  • Disclosure for all applicants
  • Medical certificates for all applicants

Other documentation for Investor-applicant only:

  • Investor-applicant must prepare a letter of application , which states the reasons for applying for Dominica economic citizenship
  • Professional reference
  • Bank recommendation (on case-by-case basis)
  • Twelve (12) months bank statement
  • Letter of employment. If self employed, company documents and certificate of incorporation
  • Affidavit attesting to source of funds
  • Marriage certificate/divorce certificates — when necessary
  • Business plan/resume
  • Utility Bill or Rental Agreement

Deposit / Investment Fee requirements:

  • Deposits of the prescribed fees must be paid into a specified government escrow account before the application can be processed.
  • The agent fee is non-refundable.
  • The investment fee is refundable only if the application is withdrawn or rejected under accepted circumstances. It is not refundable if the application is rejected because of false declarations or false information; fraudulent or forged documentation.

Other Dominica Economic Citizenship requirements

  • All applications for Dominica economic citizenship must be managed by a local promoter/agent such as us.
  • Interview is canceled as mandatory part of the application process. If it is requested you must attend an interview in Dominica with the Economic Citizenship committee. The meeting can be held in either London or New York or at another approved location at the expense of investor-applicant.

Dominica Passport requirements:

Once you have been granted Dominica citizenship, we will apply for your Dominica passports, here’s what you will need:

  1. Certificate of Naturalization (we will have this on hand)
  2. Copies of Birth certificates
  3. Completed Passport Application forms
  4. Two passport size photos for each applicant.

What is Due Diligence?

Due diligence is a term used to describe the process of investigating all persons over the age of 16 on the application. The due diligence is required to establish a standard of character based on information submitted in the Disclosure Form. The due diligence investigation is conducted by independent agents, who are contracted by the Government of Dominica.

During our first consultation with you, we will provide explicit and full details of the application requirements and application process.

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